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Viggen camo mask

Aldo Flores #masks #SplitterCamo #Viggen



Hi there, 


Now we will show, very briefly how to use new Aztecmodels masks.


In this case Aztec made a detailed work with Viggen Mask. 


Is well known that splitter camo is one of the most difficult to be reproduced, not to mention that accuracy can be very hard to accomplished. 


We recommended to begin with
Tan color):

1.- Paint the areas where Tan color is and wait
until paint dries. It doesn’t matter if you excess
from the area, later it will be covered with darker

2.- Once paint is dry, cover with the Tan Masks
the sections painted in Tan, using the drawings to
locate correct places. We recommend
you to swab the undercoat of the masks with
a mix of dishwashing liquid and water to
make easiert to set each mask. Let it dry.

3.- Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the Light
Green and Dark Green colors.
To prevent the paint pass between the
edges of the mask, we recomend you
to use HUMBROL’s MASKOL to cover it.

4.- Once the masks of the three colors
are on the model, paint the remaining
areas with the Black color. Let it dry.

5.- Always check images to proper
mask locations.

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  • rlfMFauVsRWJ on


  • sten-arne on

    I’ve just used your masks on my viggen and the way you describe it here is not by any means the best way to do it . After playing with it for a cupple of hours I found a way to make this somewhat easyer. more work but a way better result.

    Start at the rear with the wings, on a coat of primer lay down one of the masks for the rear wingtip. and work your way from there. patch for patch, area for area according to what’s next.. Change the colors and do one by one. Start in a corner and work your way towards the fuselage, on the tail , start at the bottom rear corner and work your way forward and upwards. The main fuselage, start at the nozzle and work your way forwards . the airscoops, start at the front and work your way back, same with the nose and front fuslage. The canards start at the rear outboard corner.

    You will change colors in your airbrush a bazillion times, but it’s worth it. Trying to approximate the location of each patch by refrances with this amount of masks and “patchwork” will not work.

  • Guillermo Mancera on

    Hola Aldo, un gusto saludarte, ¿no tienes planeado sacar a la venta las mascaras para viggen en 1/72? me caerian de maravilla ¿cuando vas a sacar a la venta las calcas para los Eurofighter de España o Austria en 1/72? ¿calcas para el A-4AR el SUE Argentino en 1/72 Tambien cuando tienes planeado realizarlas? Tengo 2 eurofighter en espera de conseguir calcas españolas existen pero en europa y las de A-4AR y el SUE las elabora Condor Decals…. en Argentina Y es todo un rollo pagarles y que las envien

    Un Abrazo!

    Guillermo Mancera

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