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About Us


The foundation.

Aztec Models was founded in 1997. At that time the modelers were limited to build the models only with the versions that were including in the kits of the major manufacturers such as Monogram, Heller Esci, but  planes from a lot of countries like Latin America were completely ignored.

In that effort Aztec Models starts to do the research and collect an important data base of models to start this fascinating adventure.

 Aztec Models themes.

Ten years ago the most themes developed by the manufacturers were about US or Europe because  the major firms criterias, our main purpose it is to make a aviation acquis of many countries through a very serious and documented research. In this way is that Aztec started to make decals and many write articles.

Our silk screen process is a winner contest factor.  Aztec decals has the best quality, resistance, thinnest and colorful characteristics.

 The research

We have the privilege to meet personally several colleagues also we had the privilege of meeting the facilities and crews of the FA’s, which had given us a great idea of their professionalism.       


Our main line consists of decals, but we have made successful inroads in the manufacture of complete kits and articles.

We are always working to be a trusted source of the  existing data and references and we want to become the main supplier for the global modelers of special themes.