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Mexican F-5 1/32

Aldo Flores #F-5 #Mexican AF #

The kit from Revell was built  without additional parts. Main accesory was 32-001 decal.

 The kit was ok but re scribing  raised panel lines is very time consuming. However, it's worth it.

The scratch-work mainly concern the cockpit, the seat and canopy, the extension of the vertical tail, shark nose and LEXs.



Intake Covers are also from scratch. Here I have taken the liberty to choose the easiest option, also because they do not affect the form of jets.

During construction, the idea for ground personal is...

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Viggen camo mask

Aldo Flores #masks #SplitterCamo #Viggen



Hi there, 


Now we will show, very briefly how to use new Aztecmodels masks.


In this case Aztec made a detailed work with Viggen Mask. 


Is well known that splitter camo is one of the most difficult to be reproduced, not to mention that accuracy can be very hard to accomplished. 


We recommended to begin with
Tan color):

1.- Paint the areas where Tan color is and wait
until paint dries. It doesn’t matter if you excess
from the area, later it will be covered with darker

2.- Once paint is dry, cover with the Tan Masks
the sections...

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Aztec Models Salvadorian and Honduran Corsairs. 100 hours War

Aldo Flores

All Things Come...

How many times have you heard it said that a modeller laboriously finished a conversion or a complex detailing job, only to discover a few months later that one of the AM guys is bringing out a set that would have made all that scratchbuilding unnecessary, or worse yet, that a good quality kit of the subject is about to burst upon the market?

Sometimes providence smiles and the goods come out before the project is finished, and that just happened to...

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Aztec Models A-37

Maria Lopez Decals

AztecModels has done it again.


 Like their previous sheets, the decals are in perfect register; offer many of the markings in two part decals, in opaque finish.

Available in 1/48 and 1/72 scale and with color diagrams. The A-37 is especially well suited for export to Latin American countries and is much more suitable to the kind of environment in which they will be used, and that is as a COIN fighter.

Before getting on to the decals, let me give you some info on the instruction sheet. There are two full sheets with profiles on three  sides with...

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