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R-045 AS.34 Kormoran missile (pre-sale)

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The AS.34 Kormoran is a German anti-ship missile, which development started in 1962, but it was concluded until 1973.

The Kormoran uses an inertial guidance system for the midcourse phase, during this, the missile activates a radar homing during for the terminal attack phase.

It carries a 165 kg (363 lb) delay-fused warhead that was design for a penetration of 90 mm. prior to detonation. The maximum range is 23 km (~14 miles)

The main operators are Germany and Italy. The Kormoan has been used in the following aircrafts:


Panavia Tornado


1:48 & 1:72 - Sets of one missiles

 Shippings start after Obctober 16th

NOTE: As each set is produced under order, shipments could delay.