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KAZT7204 Haunebu II

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In 1896, William Scott Elliot published "The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria", were the narration describes that the Atlantean aircrafts were propelled by Vril force. This force was also mentioned by Willy Ottoo Oskar Ley in an article he wrote for "Astounding Science Fiction" Magazine in 1947, where he wrote about a pseudoscientific group who, drived by the irrational convictions of the Nazism, looked for the Vril force. This was retaken in 1960 by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier for their book "Le Matin des Magiciens (The Morning of the Magicians), where they alleged the existance of the Vril Society of Berlin (a pseudohistorical Nazi secret society founded in 1921, that never existed), and begun the spread among authors of tales about Nazi UFOs tied to aliens or the occult.

The strange origin to the Nazi UFO's is that, allegedly, the inventor Joseph Epp, was called to help the Nazis with their latest aircraft, in an hangar in the airport of Prague. The aircraft had the shape of a flying saucer, but when the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in April 1945, all blue prints and prototypes were destroyed. As Epp is the only name associated with this investigation of a flying saucer aircraft, is hard to say how much was self propaganda, speculation and reality.

Resin model kit of Haunebu II

Scale 1:72 only

Also includes Aztec Models Decal G-007. As the Haunebu II was possible never made, you have freedom to decorate it as you want.



Produced under order, so shipment can delay.