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KAZT7201 PC-7 Pilatus

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The Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer was build by Pilatus aircraft in Switzerland. It was introduced in 1978, and it remains in production and use for the majority of its military operations.

Despite the aircraft was developed to be a trainer, it has also be used for combat and Counter Insurgency operations. Mexico used the Pilatus PC-7 During the Chiapas Conflict (1994-) to attack the Zapatista uprising. Due the airplane was sold as a Trainer and not a combat aircraft, the Swiss government banned sales of more units to México, this was an economic blow for Pilatus, because Mexico was the largest buyer of the PC-7.

Resin model kit of Pilatus PC-7

Scale 1:72 only

Also includes Aztec Models Decal 72-074 with decals for Pilatus PC-7 from México, Abu Dhabi, Angola, Burma and Iraq



Produced under order, so shipment can delay.