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D-092 Mil Mi-8/17 Part 1

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The Mil Mi-8 (NATO name: Hip) is a Soviet-design transport helicopter that can also be used as a gunship. Is the world’s most produced helicopter, used in more of 50 countries. The Mi-8 has been built by Kazan Helicopter Plant and Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant since 1961, and the production continues until today.
   The first prototype, named V-8, was built in 1960, based on the Mil Mi-4. Its first flight was durng the Soviet Aviation Day parade in July 7, 1961. When the production begun, the rotor was changed from four blades to five blades in 1964. Its introduction in the Soviet Air Force was in 1967 as Mi-8. Two more variants were developed; Mi-8T with rockets and anti-tank guided missiles, and the Mi-8MT, also know as Mi-17, an exported version employed by around 20 countries.
   In March 2007, China was given a license to produce the Mi-17, under the supervision of Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC and the Sicuan Lantian Helicopter Company Limited.

Versions you can find in this decal:

Colombia (3 versions, including version of Operation Jaque)

Mexico (8 versions, Mexican Air Force, including new emblem; Federal Police and Anti-Terrorist Group)

Nicaragua (3 versions)

USA (1 version)

Windows' mask

Available only in scale 1:48