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Frida decals to help those affected by earthquakes in Mexico

Frida decals to help those affected by earthquakes in Mexico


Frida is part of the canine binomials of the Navy of Mexico and has stole  the heart of all mexicans because of its bravery and dexterity. Up to September 19 Frida had rescued more than 52 people from different disasters in our country and in other rescue missions abroad. Frida with her companions was one of the more active element in the rescues of 19S




Decals are in 4 different styles:  

  •  Superheroe Frida by Mike Devill.    Mike is a young illustrator.In his design reflects the dynamism and attitude of Frida showing her like the heroin in the cover of a comic.
  • Tender Frida by Beatríz Herrera       Beatriz is an experienced caricaturist with traditional style. Show a tender and smiling Frida with her team and vest put of the Navy
  • Mexican Frida by Phantom               Phantom is a young illustrator that shaped a design that combines elements as Mexican as the color and the flowers.
  • Marina Chan by Mauricio García     Young talent with a refined expression of design reflects the anecdote that named Frida as "Marina Chan"*

 *The name "Frida" became "Marina Chan" for the Japanese rescue team, as they thought the vest indicated the name of her (Navy is Marina in spanish) instead of Frida and so they called in that way during their stay in this country.

Frida's fame has crossed borders and even in Japan on the statue of Hachiko symbol of canine fidelity and nobility,  was put the vest of Frida as a small recognition.

All the profits will be donated entirely for the realization of temporary shelters for the victims

Shipping of this decal is for free!

Thank you!

Aztec team

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