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Mexican F-5 1/32

Aldo Flores #F-5 #Mexican AF #

The kit from Revell was built  without additional parts. Main accesory was 32-001 decal.

 The kit was ok but re scribing  raised panel lines is very time consuming. However, it's worth it.

The scratch-work mainly concern the cockpit, the seat and canopy, the extension of the vertical tail, shark nose and LEXs.



Intake Covers are also from scratch. Here I have taken the liberty to choose the easiest option, also because they do not affect the form of jets.

During construction, the idea for ground personal is to use Miniart "German Tank Crew  M 1:35" and did it work great with it. Of course it had to be necessary to add some mustache ;-).




For taking pictures,  countryside was the best option to photograph the model before real background. The results speak for themselves, I think.


The reward for these efforts is a model of an unusual air force, Northrop F-5E of Mexican AF is indeed  is a stopper show or just an outstanding model in any collection.

From original text and model of  Mr Dieter Seng/

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