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Aztec Models A-37

Written by Maria Lopez


Posted on February 04 2015

AztecModels has done it again.


 Like their previous sheets, the decals are in perfect register; offer many of the markings in two part decals, in opaque finish.

Available in 1/48 and 1/72 scale and with color diagrams. The A-37 is especially well suited for export to Latin American countries and is much more suitable to the kind of environment in which they will be used, and that is as a COIN fighter.

Before getting on to the decals, let me give you some info on the instruction sheet. There are two full sheets with profiles on three  sides with the fourth and five being an overhead view of the camo scheme and color suggested. You always can download the PDF version with full color depicts.

The sheet tries to be very useful, though some of the black decals are barely visible against the dark backgrounds of several of these aircraft schemes. 

Another real nice improvement is in the data placement. With so many countries using the plane, there are often different languages used. The data placement sheet takes those into consideration. It also gives what is on the decal as well as a number.

For many of the aircraft on the sheet, there are many numeral options and schemes markings. Several countries have been operating the Dragonfly long enough to go through several scheme changes as well and some of them are presented on this sheet.

Well, now down to what is there.


Part 1:

  • Two schemes for the Colombian Air Force. One A-37B with an astonishing Dragon Scheme. A T-37 in a classic glossy white/dark blue scheme.
  • One sharkmouth scheme for the Dominican Republic Air Force
  • Four schemes for the Chilean Air Force, including desert, Euro 1, and HiVis Academy.
  • Two for the Uruguayan Air Force
  • Two scheme for El Salvador


    Part 2:

    • Two for the Guatemalan Air Force. One of them in aerobatic scheme (five numeral options).
    • Four schemes for the Peruvian Air Force. Desert, Green/gray, HiVis Academy.
    • Two for Honduran Air Force, with a Sharkmouth.
    • Two for the Brazilian AF. T-37 Academy.
    • Two Ecuadorian Air Force A-37B, Cenepa War.




    More than 20 aircraft

    Recommended for 1/72 Academy kit, and in 1/48 Trumpeter, Monogram, Revell, Encore kit. This last kit has just recently been issued so get it while you can.

    Even more, AztecModels just released the mask line to make easier to paint canopy and wheels.

    In the case of Part 1, Aztec released a mask for paint camo for Columbian Dragon Scheme.



    • To Mr. Iain Peddle. The color instructive shows all the places where the stencils are placed. The FACh 605 doesn’t use all the decals that appears in the stencil segment, because that is not the only FACh A/C that the decal has to built, and those other planes use different stencils that FACh 605 could or could not use.

      Posted by Eric Montoya | February 06, 2018
    • Dear Sir, Could you please help. I have your decal sheet 48/72-055 for the A-37B Dragonfly which was produced in 2014 and is now out of print. It is contains decal for the Colombian, Uruguayan Colombian, El Salvadorian and Chilean Air Forces. They are very nice decals and those which I have used so far work very well. However, I am trying to decal an aircraft of the Chilean AF, Grupo de Aviacion, No. 12. Even after examining colour photographs of actual a/c , I am completely puzzled as to where all the various decals that you have on your sheet for aircraft No. 605. actually go. Could you please let me have a drawing showing where the various decals go, so that I can complete the decaling.
      Thanking you in anticipation, Regards, Iain Peddle ( IPMS Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa)

      Posted by Iain Peddle | January 10, 2018
    • Buen día soy de Ecuador como podria comprar las calcas

      Posted by Emerson solis | July 26, 2017
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